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Was asked to redesign a cluttered screen for a client. I worked on the UX and UI to come up with this new design.

Changed Details to 'My Wallet'. It's more descriptive and tells the user what it is without having to tap to find out. It also keeps with the internal nomenclature of the app.

Consolidated like actions by moving send and receive into the same tab. Named the‎ tab 'Transfer' to indicate the banking nature of the app and the all in one action centric nature.

Renamed History to 'Transactions' to keep with the banking nomenclature. 

The Transfer tab now allows you to easily send or receive within 1 tap to contacts you commonly interact with. Tapping send or receive would pop up a numpad for entering the amount.

Keeping with Google's material design, you can tap the plus button to bring up various actions such as the qr code scanner or manual entry of the bitcoin address. 

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